About me – Lusiya

Hello! My name is Lusiya and I am from Russia, currently studying in Switzerland at Business School Lausanne. I take part in creating this website’s content about Coronavirus.

The topic that I have chosen is myth versus reality about Coronavirus. In my opinion this topic is quite interesting and important as there is a lot of false and unjustified flow of information which creates confusion amongst people and countries in general. Misinformation can be dangerous since humans trust what they read on Internet, even though most of it is not true. So I will discuss about most common and ridiculous myths as well as why they are fake and where do they come from. Moreover what are the consequences of “staying home” on global economy, mental & physical health, businesses, and education.

In my opinion, this topic, as well as the topics of my classmates, are very significant as the Coronavirus crisis has a huge and visible impact on our lives and we need to know how to deal with it. We can only rely on ourselves, therefore it is our responsibility to identify the truth and understand how we can work with it in order to maintain our precious lives with as less damage as possible, and carry on living.

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