A summary of when can we recover ?

Psychologically: Covid-19 has no doubt changed our lives. We have become aware of the powers of the unknown and this can affect how we perceive many things on a daily basis. The notion of opening a door or shaking someones hand never caused any ill reaction, however this all has to be reconsidered with this virus present. We know that it is around us but as long as we are aware its is in our human response to protect ourselves. Really that is all one can do. We can not see it, so the more we stress about something we cannot see the more visible it becomes. Hence why on a psychological level I personally believe that the recovery time will not be that dramatic, with the help of technology and other tools our minds can focus on other things during this time.

Socially: It is in our Human nature to come together, we can already see this with the exponential increase in the use of sites such as Meet and Zoom where people have become even closer than prior. Our nature of not wanting to be alone can hurt us with likelihood of a second wave however we will always find ways to communicate with one another especially with the aid of innovative technology. We will first recover psychologically the socially.

Economically: On an economic stand point we are currently in turmoil, governments as well as banks have to help weaker economies to try and stabilize markets globally. With business not being able to function at full capability we have to find alternative ways to ensure to the financial security of citizens. Developed nations will recover quicker however this all depends on the strength and spread of the virus. On a positive stand point as Professor Vanya has mentioned ” in times of crisis their is always opportunity “. We will first recover Psychologically the socially then economically .

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