My name is Karina. Today, I am a student at Business School Lausanne and a HUB&Travel intern at Impact Initiatives Organisation. Most importantly, I am a big sister of a wonderful boy who lives far away from me.

My story is about how I’ve decided NOT to visit my family in Latvia, two days prior to my flight. The spread of Coronavirus and all the restrictions put by different countries in terms of mandatory quarantines or flights cancellations made me think that a five-day voyage could put me at risk for farther plans.
The same week, I started my internship as support of international travelling for staff. It was direct training on resolving immediate problems and keeping up with fast-changing situations, prices, country restrictions.

This is why I chose to share my research about the CONSEQUENCES OF THE TRAVEL BAN where I analyse the implementation of the new international travelling procedures and measures put by three main players – airports, airlines, governments – among different countries. I believe that zero coordination among the countries will have negative consequences for some players and their probable collapse but an advantage for outer stakeholders.

I would like to reassure my readers to trust me and my work. I am a believer of the truth and fairness and with time I’ve learned to differentiate the reliable sources from unreliable. In the reliable source where multiple charts are done by major research, universities must have the publication date, month and a year. This helps to verify that the data and information used and found in the articles are verifiable and reliable. I will use the official website of the main players cited previously.

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