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I am currently an exchange student in Switzerland, studying Business but due to the hot potatoes at the present is Coronavirus pandemic, I am spending my maximum effort to make research about it, especially about the death rates between different countries.

The reason why I choose this topic is that by knowing about the death rates between countries, we can some how get a closer look at this virus and focus on the main reasons cause death among the affected, and find a solution to reduce the fatality, and avoid causing more cases.

In the situation of Lockdown ban and global pandemic, I think I should do something so that we can know how to deal with it, what is the problem we are facing with. how could we do to make this situation better, therefore I am trying my best to give you as much as possible precise information and I hope we can soon get back to normal, stay safe and update information regularly my friends!

How many people die after being infected with the novel coronavirus? Fewer than previously calculated, according to a study released Monday, but still more than die from the flu.

That’s because death rates typically only consider reported coronavirus cases, which tend to be more severe, and thus brought to the attention of health care workers. Asymptomatic cases — or mild cases — may not always be counted.

This is a global pandemic and it is on top of priority, so we have to arm knowledge about Covid-19 to have a higher chance not to be infected, and somehow slow down the cases. So I am trying my best to do research, look for articles, update newest information about this epidemic and write it down here for you to somehow have a clearer view about it!


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