About me – Grant S.

Hello! I am Grant, a final year student at the Business School of Lausanne (BSL). Due to the outbreak of the new corona virus (COVID-19) we have had to adapt to a radical change in our life. As a Swiss citizen and having lived there my whole life I can affirm that I haver never seen such critical situation, not even something remotely close to this. The government has imposed drastic measures in order to fight the spread of the virus, as a result the country is under quarantine. All establishments are still currently shut (01.03.2020) and all of our classes have been moved online.

This section of the website will contain all you need to know about the virus and my journey through the global pandemic. I will have selected and will be responsible for the topic of: Prevention. The methods, actions, why, what, when of the virus. Please comment on the post to engage in a conversation!

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