About me – Nikita

Hi! My name is Nikita Lobachev, I am 19 years old, I come from Russia and I am a BBA student in Business School Lausanne. I’m going to write about the economic impact of the coronavirus and who are losing and gaining from it. I feel like this is a very important non-scientific area of the epidemic that needs to be covered.

Currently being in Switzerland, the country with 1,028.6 coronavirus cases per one million people (in comparison, Italy has 1,146.1 coronavirus cases per one million people), I can easily already see that economy is suffering (closed shops/restaurants, almost no people outside, etc.) I would like to use my knowledge of business and economics in order to dig deeper and uncover as much insights into the economic impact of such pandemic.

On this website I would like to go more in-depth and outline the key areas of economy (both public and private sector) affected by the pandemic in order to raise awareness, warn people or, potentially, show them that not everything is as bad as it may seem.

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