About me -Rebecca

My same is Rebecca, I am from Switzerland and live in Lausanne. I am studying at the Business School Lausanne and participating in the creation of the website for Coronavirus in the context of the class “Life science for sustainable business”.

I will be working on finding data and trying to figure out the consequences for businesses, either multinationals or locals, during and after this health crisis. Many of employers and employees worldwide are now facing an unknown future regarding the normal functioning of their enterprises and their work – how long will firms be closed, what consequences on the unemployment rate, is there a risk to go bankrupt?

We are all facing these questions and I find it crucial to investigate on them in order to prepare ourselves the best. The consequences on businesses have a direct effect on not only their employees, but also consumers worldwide, which makes it our responsibility to all to be informed.

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  1. Introduce yourself OK
    Your topic OK
    How is your country affected?
    Why is it important?
    How will you become an authority?

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