To conclude these series of articles I would firstly like to state the most prominent stated fact: the coronavirus has taken a toll on the global economy digging the world into a recession. It has demonstrated the fragility of our economy and the flaws of our current system. It affected every continent and confined or semiconfined entire populations, the rich and the poor. The spread of the virus as well as the rate mental health diseases have skyrocked. The pandemic has shown us that we have to make changes in the world.

Despite all the misery it has created it has some postive effects, and all we can do for now is focus on that.

  • It has reduced the rates of pollution and consumption of finite resources
  • Regeneration of ecosystems
  • Decline in global crime rate
  • A positive paradigm shift has occured: admiration for the rich and famous has shifted to healthworkers, store operators, volenteers, in other words those who risk their lives for their community
  • Humanity has shown unity and concern for each other in the face of the pandemic

I would like to finish this conclusion by saying I believe that we are capable of making the necessary changes, showing resilience and becoming a better world.

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  1. This is a good conclusion, but it leaves me hungry for more of your personal views and recommendations, with respect to the 5 very important positive outcomes you have listed.

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