To conclude my series of posts I firstly want to summarize the importance of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. We need to understand the difference between them: preventing infection, preventing symptoms and finally coping with the symptoms and curing.

We have had a close look at how different each country deals with this worldwide pandemic. From extreme lockdown like most of Europe to the trust and flexibility of Sweden. It is interesting to think about and potentially see in the future, what was the right thing to do.

Concerning me, I am still on lockdown and following my degree remotely. I have found it extremely beneficial to have access to my classes and advance in my education. This has also opened my eyes on the large world of online classes and the infinite pool of knowledge thanks to the internet. As of today there is still no idea when this issue will be resolved, what we know is that things won’t go back to how they where, this may be for the best or for the worst.

Finally I would like to end my post with the following questions to think about?

  • Why wasn’t the world better prepared?
  • How should be deal with this situation the best?
  • What can we do to prevent further similar situations i.e. a new virus?
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