There are nearly 34,000 doctors and physicians in Switzerland (including nearly 10,000 GPs) which works out at 4.1 Swiss doctors per 1,000 of the population. In 2016, there were 850 graduates from medical schools in Switzerland. It takes 6 years to get a doctor degree, 3 years bachelor and 3 years of master. If you want to be just a nurse, it would take 3 years of bachelor. Cost of study in Switzerland. Compared to many other European countries, the cost of study in Switzerland is low as the education system here is mostly public-funded. On average, fees per year can range from 15,000 Swiss Francs to 40,000 Swiss Francs. For public universities the price would be less than 5,000 Swiss Francs per year. Doctors earn a lot in Europe per year so it’s a prestigious job to get, but the success rate of graduates is very low. Of 10,000 applying, less than 1,000 doctors have graduated, for the first year, the success rate is 20% without repeating the first year. For covid-19 infected patient you need from 2 to 5 staff/doctors watching him.

The questions for future studies:

Is it possible to increase success rate for first year?

Is it possible to decrease staff needed for infected petient?

If government would spend more on medical schools, would it be easier to hold infected curve?

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