How does this pandemic affect me?

This can affect us on a number of levels, firstly it can impact our health since the virus spreads very easily and rapidly, we could simply get sick or we could have even worse symptoms and be hospitalized. It can also affect the health of the people around us: our family, friends, colleagues, classmates, loved ones e.t.c 

I, however, want to take time in this post to describe how this pandemic has affected my life personally and how I am dealing with it. As mentioned in my first post I am a BBA student and as a result of the lockdown my school has been shut and moved online until further notice. I cannot express how much this has changed my mind on online classes, I see no more logical reason going to physical classes!! It saves time, money and keeps me focused in the comfort of my home or co working space. However, realistically this will not happen anytime soon. What I can personally do is enroll in more online classes post.

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