Why is it Important to know?

Why is it Important to know?

  1. So we can plan for a contingency plan once we have recovered
  2. To ensure the safety of the people
  3. So we can go back to normal living
  4. For business as well as governments to ensure the sovereignty of their nation
  5. To know how much it will affect the economy

5 Main Questions to Adress:

Should harsher measures such as forced quarantine take place in countries that are most affected in the west?

Is social distancing the only measures that should be taken to ensure the safety guidelines are met ?

What is the average lifespan the virus affects a human if it is contracted?

Can People follow harsh guidelines especially in democratic countries?

Yes people are following the guidelines as we are seeing a number of countries where cases are going down which indicates people are abiding by the regulations.

How long after infection rates have slowed down can we allow public and social life to resume?

Until there is a clear sign of minimal infection we will not return top our normal lives, however business that cannot work from home will reopen with social distancing and regulations being a top priority

We are seeing infections rates in Italy, France and Switzerland almost stabilize is this the calm before the storm? or a sign that the measures taken are working ?

Is social distancing working?

How do I become an authority ?

  1. Practice health guidelines efficiently as well as communicating them to friends and family

2. Study past pandemics and relate to this one

3. See how economies have recovered in the past and asses what key measures where taken

4. Keep up to date with rapidly changing events

5. Comparing how different countries are tackling the virus and which one is essentially more efficient

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