What is prevention?

First of all we should distinguish between three main types of prevention: Primary,  Secondary and Tertiary.

Primary prevention is perhaps the most important one as it is the actual prevention of getting infected with the disease. You can refer to my previous post to see a small list of habits you can adopt as part of primary prevention. 😷

Secondary is trying to detect if you already have the disease, that is identifying the symptoms and potentially alleviating it and preventing the infection from getting worse. If you present any symptoms in the case of the coronavirus, one of the methods you can do for a secondary prevention is to go through the list of symptoms and call your local COVID-19 hotline for assistance. Most importantly stay home if you can to prevent the potential spread of the virus, in the case of being an elderly or a person at risk please listen to the instructions of your medical staff. You could also get tested for the coronavirus, even though you should be aware that there is not enough tests available for everyone. So the tests are limited to people at risk and the elderly. 💉

A tertiary prevention method is trying to improve your quality of life and reducing the symptoms you already have to a less worse state. In the case of the coronavirus you will be uncertain as whether you have it or not since as mentioned before the tests are very limited. However, you can still take action to alleviate your symptoms by avoiding certain straining activities, being cautious with the medication you take and ask the guidance of a medical expert. 🤒  

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prevention Do's and Don'ts [Infographic ...

Food for thought

  • Is it better to make your own opinion or listen to the instructions of your country?
  • How do scientists determine when it is safe to test vaccines?
  • Would governments and organizations impose norms in order to prevent panic and not to prevent the virus?
  • Should countries stockpile preventive gear i.e. masks, hazmat suits, respirators…?
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