How will we recover from the coronavirus?

The coronavirus has affected the political, economic, social and technological aspects our lives. As I am sure many of you have noticed our social interactions have been digitalised due to confinement, ranging from normal phone calls to online classes. Politically, governments are in despair trying to cope with the epidemic, failing to provide sufficient medical care, and attempting to provide financial social aid to their population. We can also expect a minor power and credibility shift from North America to parts of Europe and Eastern countries such as South Korea because they proved their efficiency in containing the virus and maintaining/reviving economic activity. Economically, on a global scale we are digging ourselves deep into a recession, both personal and professional loans are going to have to be made out for people to simply be able to afford their primary needs such as food,rent,insurance,etc… and to recover from the damage the coronavirus has made to their business. Countries that heavily rely on trade will suffer the most due to all the regulations and restrictions the virus has caused to enforce. Governments are going to have to give out loans/subsidies and create more money which will most likely cause inflation.

Focus Questions:

How will the world recover from the recession caused/aggravated by the coronavirus?

What would be the lasting effects of social distancing?

How many people will lose their jobs/businesses because of the coronavirus?

How will it change personal hygiene?

What would be its psychological effects?

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