ICU beds

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows, some communities will be better prepared to treat more sick patients, especially those requiring intensive care than others. The possibilities of the intensive care unit not only vary from hospital to hospital, but in some parts of the country there are also much more intensive care beds per population group than in others. Beds in intensive care units are especially important at the present time, since they are usually equipped with hospital wards for treating patients with respiratory diseases requiring mechanical ventilation. Typically, beds in intensive care units cost between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000 each. The bed frame is designed for 10-15 years, although during this period it is often necessary to replace certain components of the bed. The average number of beds in the surgical, cardiology and other departments was 12. The intensive care unit (ICU), also known as the intensive care unit or intensive care unit (UTI) or intensive care unit (CCU). ), is a special department of a hospital or medical institution that provides intensive drug treatment. Intensive care units provide assistance to patients with serious or life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require constant care, close monitoring using life support equipment and medicines for specialists who specialize in the care of critically ill patients. Intensive care units also differ from regular hospital departments in the highest ratio of staff to patients and access to normal body work. They have highly qualified medical personnel, nurses, respiratory therapy equipment and medical equipment, which are usually not available elsewhere. Common conditions that are treated in intensive care units include acute respiratory distress syndrome (in adults), hypertension, metastasis, and other life-threatening conditions. They say that about 50% of people who are sick of covid-19 need ICU beds.

The questions for future studies:

If we put more people in ICU beds, will deathes decrease?

Is it possible to lower the cost of ICU beds and not to lower its quality? 

Which age range needs more ICU beds? 

Any other beds would work as ICU beds? 

Should money be spent on ICU beds or something else?

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