Individuals and investment

Despite the crisis, I will show in this article new ways of investment that each individual can make.

First, new websites have emerged where one can sign up and support their local firms. “Help your Local”, “Be Local Hero” and “Mitenand” are only an example of the webpages dedicated to ensure the good functioning of the businesses during this crisis. Solidarity is the key word on these websites: Anyone who wants to make a gesture and invest their money into money is raised and distributed to the businesses signed up on the website. Once the crisis is over and the enterprise is not in danger anymore, the investor can collect his reward – money back or a voucher from the company he had invested in, depending on the website.

We can now ask ourselves what will happen to this form of investment once the crisis is over. Will individuals continue to support their local businesses by investing in them instead of buying their direct products? Will they change their priorities of investing money in big enterprises, with the goal to get the return they will get, or will they invest in their local ones which do not promise such a huge money return?

These questions can of course not be answered with pure confidence, but in my opinion, individuals will realize that it is important to make sure that local businesses survive the competition even without a crisis.

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