Summary how doctors can reduce deaths from covid-19

By looking at oxygen therapy, how many people are needed for 1 infected person in total, how ICU beds help reduce deaths and many more factors, the conclusion would be simple. If we would reduce fast spread or have earlier notice on this virus from World Health Organisation (WHO), we might have less deaths, as doctors would be ready for it by some means. WHO too late announced that it is pandemic and all countries should be ready. But if we don’t take this in to account and work with what we have now, than we need more trained staff as there are not enough of them, doctors work almost 24/7 as there are not enough of them, they get tired and could make a mistake which will lead to death of patient. Earlier diagnostic of been sick would help also. Often people who are sick would come to the hospitals and it would all ready late to have a safe treatment for them. Overall, if it was just a flu, it would be good to be sick, but this is covid-19, there are signs that you can get second time sick from this virus, so it will not strength you immunity after all and you might die even if you are in low risk.

Question for the future studies:

In the future we will know if we can get sick second time for sure, right now there are only a couple of cases of this.

What could be done to reduce deaths right now prior announcing it is pandemic?

How doctors can increase there education about covid-19?

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