There was a time before the pandemic.

In order to imagine what the future might bring it is important to remember what the past was like, right now things like massive gatherings and touristic places maxed out in capacity, look like scenes from a horror movie, we had been so careless and so certain that nothing bad could happen even when we new that the recipe for disaster was right there, it’s just that we didn’t want to listen. 

The planet was suffering greatly because of the amounts of pollution being pumped daily without a break, from Kamchatka to Alaska massive hunting, woodcutting, fishing, building, production lines, etc… had been taking place, it was all possible because humans could get together, individually as a species we can’t offer all that much, but in large packs we have proven to be deadly. At the same time, our lives were based on the assumption that we could get together to accomplish things, all that has changed now.

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