Why is Sweden doing nothing (or are they)?

Sweden is one of the most socially developed and happy country (according to the happy index) has decided to not follow strict regulations and went against all the norms that other countries imposed. As the telegraph describes it : “The World ‘misunderstands’ Swedish response to coronavirus.”

So what is Sweden really trying to do? They obviously don’t want their population to suffer but they have taking a radical and completely opposite approach to the rest of the other countries. They have decided to let people decide themselves whether or not to isolate themselves. This in hopes that the population develops an immunity and beat the virus. Although this approach seems very logical and in this case it is working, I can say that in my opinion Sweden is probably the only country in the world where this approach would work. Imagine the USA being fully operational, we would have staggering number of cases and worse even death. I can make this estimated guess as the country is currently on lockdown and has ceased many of its activities and is already struggling.

Sweden: Europe's lockdown exception

Food for thought

  • Why has Sweden decided to go against the rest of the world?
  • Are there any political/economical motivations involved in their decision?
  • Why can Sweden trust their population more than any other country?
  • Should they be a “good” or “bad” example for the rest of the world?
  • Will their decision backfire sooner or later?


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