Why should we prevent the propagation of the coronavirus (or should we)?

Primarily the reason to prevent the virus is the health and safety of our global population. It is known that the virus can lead to death, it is more so the case for the elderly population as well as some others (people at high risk).

There is also a secondary reason to prevent the virus, which is the total downfall of our economic system. We have already seen reports that a recession is happening at this very moment, many people actually fear worse, a total government collapse.

Furthermore, I would like to discuss the so called ‘real’ reason as to why governments are pushing prevention so hard at this moment. It is simply to avoid overloading the health care system. If someone is sick and needs medical assistance, said person can just go see a doctor or go to the hospital. However, when the numbers are in the millions we see an over saturation of people needing health care assistance.

Eight Reasons to End the Lockdowns As Soon as Possible

The reason as to why the government is trying to prevent spread of the virus is to assist their health care systems. Let^s take for instance the NHS, it is a free system in place for all UK citizens and more. They are NOT able to handle the number of patients and more so if the infection continues to rise. What the government is trying to do is FLATTEN THE CURVE, meaning they want less people being infected and so manage it better with the already struggling system they have.

Food for thought

  • Are governments restricting our freedom by going on lockdown?
  • Is it moral for countries to “want” their population to get sick and thus develop immunity?
  • Which approach is better? Trusting your people or enforcing rules for the greater good?
  • How long would it take to “flatten” the curve?


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